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Florence Nightingale was born on August 23,1909 to July 23, 1993. She became head of the Statistics Department at the University of California at Riverside in 1970.
She lived during World War II. Florence was 83 years old when she died and she died of lung cancer. She died in California.


She was English, born in Ivington, Herefordshire, England.

Marital Status

Florence's marital status is unsaid.

Start of Interest in Mathematics

Florence Nightingale David started her schooling in 1929. She was interested in being an actuary but her dreams had to be put on hold. This happened because she applied for a career fellowship at an insurance firm and was turned down. Women were not treated equally is that is why she was turned down. She continued trying and finally it payed off. Two years later she was offered a job by Karl Person.

Support / Networking

Her father supported her. He understood that she was a women and might not have a chance for a job like a man would but he encouraged her to continue trying. He told her to get on with her work because she was going to meet more situations where she might be turned down again because of her gender.

Social / Educational Climate

Florence Nigthingale David read mathematics at Bedford College for Women in London. After she graduated, she worked for Karl Pearson who was an eminent statistician at the University College in London. She worked as his research student and calculated the distribution of correlation coefficients. However, Karl Pearson unfortunately died in 1934.

Major Work

Florence produced her first book in 1938, it was called Tables Of The Correlation Coefficient.
After Karl Pearson died, she returned to the Biometrics laboratory to work with a man named Jerzy Neyman. There she submitted her last four published papers that was as her PhD thesis. Florence worked for the Minstry of Home Security during World War II. Around 1939 she created statistical models. These models predicted the possible consequences of bombs exploding in areas with high density populations, like the cities of England and London. With the models she was able to determine estimates of harm to humans and then damage to non humans. Florence was able to tell the possible numbers of the living and dead, the reactions to fires and damaged buildings, and also damages to communications. (phones, water, gas, electicity and sewers) In 1970, she became the head of the Statistic Department at the University of California Riverside.

Other Interesting Facts

Florence was named after Florence Nightingale, who was a friend of her parents. Florence Nightingale David is also known as F. N David
She has another book called Games, Gods, and Gambling. This book is about the history of probability theory. Florence had also been a review editor for
Biometrika. She had taken a stand and founded a scientific society that included both men and women because there was faculty at the University College in London
that had not included women. Florence left an open door for women to enter mathematics

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